Henri Matisse Boxed Notecards

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Henri Matisse (1869—1954) was a revolutionary French painter, printmaker, draftsman, and sculptor. He is widely recognized as the leader o the Modern art movement, Fauvism, which is characterized by the use of strong color and bold, expressive brushstrokes. He drew and painted from nature, frequently depicting still life and women, placing his figures in fully realized interiors. Later, Matisse’s cut paper collages became the technique he referred to as “painting with scissors.”

This notecard collection includes four each of the following five images:
Open Window, Collioure, 1905
Tangiers: Landscape Seen Through a Window
Icarus, plate VIII from the illustrated book, "Jazz", 1947
Still Life with Panel of "The Dance", 1909
Large Decoration with Masks, 1953

Contains 20 blank notecards (4 each of 5 images) plus 20 envelopes.

Comes in a sturdy, reuseable box, great for storage of special little treasures.

Card Dimensions: 4.75 x 7 inches