The Group of Seven Boxed Notecards

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Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven shared a passion for Canada’s landscape and a strong desire to create a distinctive visual language. Their goal was to explore the country and paint it. As they traveled north, they found inspiration for the imagery that would imprint itself on the Canadian consciousness: depictions of the rugged, windswept forest panoramas of the Canadian Shield and the vast expanse of lakes and sky. Through their spectacular canvases and adventurous spirits, these celebrated artists have shaped Canadian art and identity. The Group of Seven boxed notecards are perfect for reaching out to friends.

This notecard collection contains five each of the following four images: 
Autumn Hillside (1920) by Franklin Carmichael
Falls, Montreal River (1920) by J. E. H. MacDonald
Lake Superior (c. 1924) by Lawren S. Harris
Jack Pine and Poplar (1948) by A. J. Casson

Contains 20 blank notecards (5 each of 4 images) and 20 envelopes.

Comes in a sturdy, reuseable box, great for storage of special little treasures.

Card Dimensions: 7 x 5 inches