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Each piece of Fordite, by Siesta Silver, is a one-of-a-kind creation, a unique object of beauty with a fantastic story.

Fordite, also known also Motor City Agate, refers to the shaped and polished material 'mined' from old-style paint shops of the automotive industry. Thin layers of paint overspray would accumulate on shop floors and fixtures and harden as part of the 'baking' process. Over time, these layers could be several inches thick. The raw material proved fascinating as an artifact and souvenir, but soon it became obvious that the best use of this material was to transform it into jewelry and other objects revealing the hidden beauty of the layers within. 

From the designer's conceptual drawings to the artisans who cut and polish the agate into cabochons to the metalsmiths who melt, shape, and hone the sterling silver into luxurious settings, each piece takes many, many hours to complete. And, because the process of painting cars has evolved, this raw material is no longer being created and is becoming more and more rare.

You'll want to take note of some special pieces within the collection. The Corvette, Jeep and Mustang collections were made from raw materials traced back to the factories that made those specific models. The Vintage Rouge Collection contains items made from paint sourced from the Rouge Plant in Detroit. Whether guided by brand loyalty or simply the love of all things automotive, the Fordite Collection includes a range of unique pieces for men and women that make great gifts for someone special or a treat for yourself.


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