Charley Harper Friends of Our Families Lithograph

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This 2006 open edition lithograph print of family pets by wildlife artist Charley Harper (1922—2007) makes a lovely gift for Harper fans or anyone who loves nature and mid-century design aesthetic.

A conservationist as well as an artist, Harper revealed the unique aspects of his wildlife subjects through highly stylized geometric reduction.

Reared on a West Virginia farm, Harper developed an early appreciation and love of animals as well as design. He attended West Virginia Wesleyan College and graduated from the Cincinnati Art Academy, where he also taught for many years.

"Is this a misnomer? Are pets friends of our families or are they members of our families? In some households, they are fun, affable, trusty friends, there when we need them. In other households, they are like our children, inseparable from the rest of our family unit. Either way, they bring us joy, lighten our loads, and love us in a way that soothes our souls." ― Charley Harper

Hand-titled and studio-stamped.

Image Size: 12" x 10.5"

Paper Size: 15" x 13.5"