Charley Harper Paradise Pals Lithograph

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This 2008 open edition lithograph print of three tropical birds by wildlife artist Charley Harper (1922—2007) makes a lovely gift for Harper fans, birdwatchers or anyone who loves nature and mid-century design aesthetic.

A conservationist as well as an artist, Harper revealed the unique aspects of his wildlife subjects through highly stylized geometric reduction.

Reared on a West Virginia farm, Harper developed an early appreciation and love of animals as well as design. He attended West Virginia Wesleyan College and graduated from the Cincinnati Art Academy, where he also taught for many years.

"Easy living in paradise—especially if the shape of your bill makes it easy to eat your favorite tropical foods. The blue-and-gold macaw, a parrot, sports a big bill perfect for crushing and skinning fruits. The rainbow-billed toucan, national bird of Belize, is blessed with a dexterous bill for reaching a variety of fruit otherwise inaccessible—and thin enough to permit a tribe of toucans to sleep together, side by side in their nest, bills suspended in air. And the white-winged dove? His long bill and wide, gaping jaws allow him to suck and swallow water without even moving his head, so that lounging around the water is truly relaxing. Tres amigos? Why not? Friendship is easy with a full stomach, starting with the right bill and a bountiful buffet." ― Charley Harper

Hand-titled and studio-stamped.

Image Size: 5" x 16"

Paper Size: 9" x 20"