The World of Frida Kahlo Jigsaw Puzzle

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Piece together the world of the genius that is Frida Kahlo in this 1000-piece art history jigsaw puzzle that tells the story of her life, her art, and her career. Designed by Holly Black with illustrations by Laura Callaghan.

Taking center stage is Frida herself surrounded by iconic elements of her life. Woven into the bustling Mexican scene are a huge cast of contemporary extras, from Kahlo's family and famous friends, as well as her various exotic pets. Those with a keen eye will also spot many references to her art and the tragedies and triumphs of her career. For those just discovering Kahlo the included poster guides the puzzler along the journey with facts about the 25 references found in the jigsaw.

Known for her self-portraits and representation of her Mexican heritage, the colorful scene in this puzzle conveys the spirit of Kahlo and her world. Travel through the medical traumas, family, love, and loss that encapsulated Kahlo's life and discover the surrealist artist in a new light.

With 1000 pieces and a keepsake poster, "The World of Frida Kahlo" is an art puzzlers dream. A beautiful and challenging addition to your own puzzle collection or gift for your favorite puzzle fan. Perfect for an afternoon of family fun or simply to relax after a long day.

Age Range: 12 years to Adults

Box size: 10.7" x 10.65" x 2"

Completed size: 27" x 19”

1000 pieces