The Diggers, Van Gogh Rain Cape

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Reversible rain cape pays homage to Vincent van Gogh's The Diggers while keeping you dry in wet weather.

The Diggers depicts two men digging up a tree stump in St. Remy, France. Five truncated trees stand at center behind these two small figures. A flock of birds flies overhead in the upper right, while brightly colored sloping fields meet a pale sky in the distance. Painted in 1889, The Diggers is an example of how Van Gogh was influenced by the compositions of Jean Francois Millet and his depictions of peasant farmers.

Reverse side of the cape is a solid black.

Provides complete rain coverage - all the way to the wrist! 23" shoulder to wrist. 30" neckline to back hem, 55" wide.

Two shell buttons at the neck adjust to fit.

Hidden magnets underneath the sleeves to protect the garment from blowing in the wind. 

Material: 100% polyester.

Machine wash on gentle cycle; Hang to dry.

Comes with a black pouch to store the rain cape.

One size.