Thank You, Miyuki

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An enchanting intergenerational children's story and picture book that teaches young readers about the art of gratitude and mindfulness, by award winning children’s book author Roxane Marie Galliez, with colorful Japanese-inspired artwork by Seng Soun Ratanavanh.

Miyuki can’t wait to begin her day of play, but her grandfather is engaged in tai chi and meditation. Miyuki's curiosity is piqued, and soon Miyuki is excited to learn to meditate too! "When do we start?" she asks repeatedly. Grandfather enjoys the warm sun and stops to smell a rose, inviting Miyuki to join him.

Together they admire the garden, observe the river, and gaze at the clouds. An afternoon spent in contemplation of nature deepens their gratitude for each other and the world around them, and Miyuki comes to understand that meditation takes the form of small acts of mindfulness throughout her day.

This endearing story invites young readers to appreciate the many small moments of delight and wonder.

Age Range: 5 - 8

Hardcover, 32 pages, 14 illustrations

Dimensions: 8.95 x 12.5 x 0.5 in.