Tenzi Dice Game

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When you’re looking for fun games everyone can play, choose Tenzi. It’s a dice-rolling frenzy!

The concept is simple: be the first player to roll all ten of your dice to the same number. Speed is essential, so game play can be kind of crazy!

The instructions include eight additional game variations, from the Tenzi Tower to Splitzi. Kids of all ages like the odds of this fast-paced dice game.

TENZI is the world’s fastest dice game! Fast, fun, engaging, and surprisingly intricate, TENZI is perfect for table top beginners and aficionados alike.

TENZI is fun for all, ages 7 and up.

• It’s a simple, frantically-fast game!
• Promotes fast thinking and numeracy development.
• Game play variations keep the fun rolling.
• Includes 40 dice (10 each of 4 colors) and instructions.
• 2 to 4 players; lightning-fast game play.

Dice colors vary. Let us choose one for you.