Rook Cast Chess Puzzle

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The Rook Chess Puzzle is a brain teaser built into high quality chess puzzle piece. Each cast metal, chrome-plated chess piece requires a different solution to open it and collect the cast-plated gold token hidden inside.

The Meaning of the Sealed Coin: A coin with an key motif is sealed inside the Rook. It is a lucky charm that unlocks the door to happiness. A key guards the entrance to a house, and as it opens doors, it symbolizes the health and prosperity of a family's home. A key may also serve as a precious charm, unlocking the heart of one's beloved.

The Meaning Behind a Coin: In the US finding a one cent coin or "lucky penny" is believed to bring good luck. Meanwhile, many Europeans customarily give religious coins or tokens to people they love. The coin is perceived as a symbol of fortune, and is given with the wishes that it will bring luck and prosperity to the recipient.

Level 1 difficulty (out of 3).

Ages 8+

Measures approximately 2.5" x 1.5" x 1.5".