Medieval Knights Chess Set with Glass Board

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If you enjoy viewing the Suits of Armor in the Great Hall of the Detroit Institute of Arts, you'll love this medieval knights chess set.

A game whose origins date back centuries before medieval times, chess became one of the most popular games of the Dark Ages. The Medieval Knights Chess Set is a fun and exciting way to play this classic game of tactic and strategy. A variation of the traditional chess set which features queens, pawns, and bishops, this set includes depictions of medieval knights! Ascending in height to show their rank, the pieces include a kingly knight, a knight with a shield, a knight with a spear, a horseback knight, a knights tower, and a kneeling knight. The glass chess board lends a touch of modern to this chess set.

Chess pieces are made of hand-painted and polished cold cast resin, with alternating antique gold and silver finishes to differentiate them for playing.

Perfect gift for enthusiasts of medieval culture!

Age Range: 12 years to adults. 

Chess pieces range in height from 2.25" up to 3.5".

Board measures 17" L x 17" W x 0.25" H.