Frank Lloyd Wright Water Lilies Stained Glass Panel

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This Waterlilies stained glass panel, depicting flowers and lily pads floating in a tranquil pool, is adapted from an unrealized leaded stained glass window designed by Frank Lloyd Wright circa 1893-95 but was never realized in an actual building.

On this glass panel, enamel colors are individually applied to a single sheet of glass which is then kiln fired to permanently fuse the enamels to the glass. The glass panel is then framed with a metal came and includes hanging chain and wood stand for optional desk or table display. Created for consumers who are seeking to experience fine art in a new way by adding the beauty of stained glass art reproductions to the home.

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is recognized world-wide as one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century. His work heralded a new thinking in architecture, using innovation in design and engineering made possible by newly developed technology and materials. His creative ability extended far beyond the border of architecture to graphic design, furniture, at glass, textiles, and decorative elements for the home. Wright used stained glass as light screens which not only brought natural light into the home, but also filtered and enlivened the light while providing privacy to those within the house.

Developed in association with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

Glass measures 5.125" x 15" x 0.125".

Base measures5.125" x 2.625" x 0.625".