Frank Lloyd Wright Embroidered Pillow, Teal

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When Wright came to Southern California in the early 1920s, he began working in a design language very different from his previous projects. In January 1923, Wright opened up a small office in West Hollywood and began taking on commissions, including four houses to be constructed solely of geometric cast concrete blocks. This work gave new life to the humble concrete block with decorative bas-reliefs and a new building system he called “textile block construction,” a reference to his idea of weaving concrete blocks on the warp and weft of reinforced steel, forming an interlocking system for the “fabric” of the house. By using hand-cast blocks using raw materials found on the property, he blended the house with the color and form of the trees and hillside.

This sophisticated textile block pillow is embroidered on a lush teal velvety-soft polyester fabric. Perfect for sofas, bedrooms, or on an accent chair. It has a discrete zipper on the bottom with the signature Whirling Arrow zipper pull, and Whirling Arrow embroidered on the back corner.

Dimensions: 14 x 26 in.

Suitable for indoor use.

Spot clean only.

Polyester insert.