Detroit Industry North Wall, Rivera Silk Scarf

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A DIA Exclusive!

This luxurious silk scarf is inspired by the North Wall of the Detroit Industry Murals by Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. The Detroit Industry fresco cycle was conceived by Rivera (1886–1957) as a tribute to the city's manufacturing base and labor force of the 1930s. Rivera completed the twenty-seven panel work in eleven months, from April 1932 to March 1933, on the four walls of Rivera Court, a covered space within the Detroit Institute of Arts. It is considered the finest example of Mexican mural art in the United States, and the artist thought it the best work of his career. It can be viewed in Rivera Court, an open air courtyard at the Detroit Institute of Arts that delights locals as well as visitors from around the world.

Hand-stitched hem, impeccably designed, and extremely soft.

Unisex style can be worn by men and women.

Material: 100% silk

Measures approximately 70.75” x 28.5".

The perfect complement to any wardrobe!