Chonk Cats Nesting Dolls

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This fun kit includes three adorable chonk cats nesting dolls and a mini book celebrating chonk cats in all their glory and featuring the iconic chonky cat body mass index chart.

These pleasantly pudgy pets can be opened to reveal a slightly less portly companion nestled neatly inside in cozy comfort, and inside that you'll find an even smaller ball of fur!

Keep them stacked within each other or display them separately anywhere you think they'd look and feel at home, like in a gentle sun beam.

Purrfect for your home or the office, cat lovers and chonk cat enthusiasts alike can embrace their love for chub-tastic felines with this one-of-a-kind collectible set.

Ages 7 to 99.

Cats made of plastic.

The 32 page mini paperback book measures 2.9" x 3.3" x 1.95".

Approximate Chonk Cats dimensions:
Black and White / Large: 2.9" x 1.95" x 3.3"
Brown / Medium: 2.75" x 1.5" x 3.0"
White / Small: 2.5" x 1.25" x 2.25"