Age of Bronze Sculpture by Rodin Small

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In 1875, using as his model a Belgian soldier named August Neyt, Rodin began The Conquered Man which eventually became known as The Age of Bronze.  Finished 18 months later, it describes "one who is passing from the unconsciousness of primitive man into the age of understanding and love."  There is a greater seriousness and emotional depth in The Age of Bronze than in any of his earlier works.  Although this was not the first life-size sculpture by Rodin, it was the first that survived.  The original is in the Musee Rodin in Paris.

The statue is made of a high density stone.  Centuries old casting techniques still apply.  Artisans apply the patina in a labor-intensive process that requires several layers and specialized shading which are all done by hand.  The result is a durable statue than stands up to time.

Statue 9 1/4 inches tall.