Yesterday is Gone: The Story of Rosemarie Kanzler

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As told to Kathryn Livingston, Yesterday is Gone, The Story of Rosemarie Kanzler, is a memoir of the life and times and marriages of the well-known socialite and philanthropist.

Rosemarie Kanzler lived an extraordinary life as a glamorous figure on the international stage. Born in Zurich in 1915 to Giovanni Ravelli, a construction worker, and his wife Rosemarie, Leni (as she was called, then) never wanted to settle down to a comfortable life as a housewife. She wanted fame and fortune and was determined to get it. 

Yesterday is Gone recounts Kanzler's journey from her humble start through each new adventure, move, and marriage, including the one that fixed her presence on the Detroit society pages through her marriage to Ernest Kanzler, a prominent businessman with family connections to the Ford family. Rosemarie and Ernest shared a love of the arts and have made many significant contributions to the Detroit Institute of Arts.

This is a personal story of a rare life lived, exciting and while sometimes dangerous and not always happy, it was certainly not the dull existence she dreaded as a young girl. Along the way, she became friends with the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world, whom she often hosted at her 23 residences around the world.

The book is hardcover, bound and sleeved in silk cloth with an embossed title.

A fascinating read you'll find hard to put down.

Silk-covered, 590 pages.

Measures 8 3/4" x 6".