Wise Wall Calendar 2020

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“My mission is to capture time. Through painting I feel I can make the moment stand still, to make its beauty last,” says British artist Rosalind Wise. She achieves this goal by creating fresh, lively, large-format paintings of gardens, meadows, wetlands, and other natural vistas. “The pleasure is in the view, taking it in visually, the whole picture of what is in front of me.”

Many of Wise’s works are inspired by close study of gardens in the United Kingdom. She enjoys the contrasting colors, textures, and forms found in garden borders, and she strives to express their energy and scale. She often makes quick plein air sketches during her morning walks, recording the relationships of plants growing together naturally. Later, in her home studio, she works from her studies, collected specimens, and photographs.

The twelve monthly grids have full-color artwork by Rosalind Wise and feature twelve paintings of United Kingdom gardens.

Each monthly grid has the previous and next month views and observes major public and culturally significant international holidays and lunar phases. Weeks run from Sunday to Saturday.

This calendar was printed using soy-based inks on paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Dimensions: 12 x 13 inches; Opens to 12 x 26 inches