Wicked Women of Detroit

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By Tobin T. Buhk

Wicked Women of Detroit recounts the thrilling tales of Detroit’s most violent, clever and misunderstood female criminals. “Queen of the Underworld” Sophie Lyons faced off with detective Teresa Lewis in court three times, and twice in the street, rendering both women battered and bloodied. Nellie Pope goaded her lover to axe her husband in what the press called “one of the most atrocious, cold-blooded, and deliberately-planned murders” in city history. Mother Elinor L. Mason, “High Priestess of the Flying Roller Colony,” was no holy roller but a criminal chameleon who changed personas as easily as some people change clothes. And a feud between Delray madams Julia Toth and Annie Smith exposed widespread graft in the thriving red-light industry and led to one of the worst police scandals in Motor City history. These stories and more await in this deliciously entertaining collection.

Published 10/08/2018

Papberback, 192 pages

Dimensions 6 x 9 x 0.3 inches