Vase with Carnations, Van Gogh Umbrella

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A DIA Exclusive!

Artfully fend off raindrops with this handy folding umbrella featuring Vincent van Gogh's Vase with Carnations.

Van Gogh painted over 30 floral still-lifes during his stay in Paris between 1886 and 1888, and this lovely arrangement created in 1886 speaks to the importance of the genre for him. Under the influence of impressionists, Van Gogh experimented with his palette and brushwork, progressively introducing brilliant tones to the somber palette of his Dutch period. Van Gogh described his still-lifes as "a series of color studies" and this bouquet of blooming carnations vibrates with his newly found fascination with color.

Perfect for keeping in your bag or backpack when you are on the go so you are always prepared for any weather.

Automatic open/close mechanism.

Polyester umbrella spans 36" when open.

Measures 11" folded.

Makes a marvelous gift!