The Family Album of Wild Africa

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By Laurent Baheux

An unparalleled survey of Africa’s majestic wildlife.

One of the finest collections of natural photography in years.

The perfect gift for any animal lover or wildlife photography fan.

Many have tried to convey the true spirit of Africa’s animals in words, photography, or in music. There may be no challenge greater; Africa’s fauna are vast in number and rich in diversity. In this finely crafted collection, French photographer Laurent Baheux uses the medium of black-and-white photography to capture the intricate details of both the wondrous beasts and the magnificent settings in which they dwell. This wide-ranging volume lays particular emphasis on his subjects’ individual spirits—revealing all of their vulnerability while losing nothing of their raw vitality. Every photograph is so carefully composed and well lit that the details equal the evocative precision of an Old Masters portrait. Through Baheux’s eyes we get close to creatures that will both inspire and humble us all. 

Hardcover with jacket, 480 pages, 288 B/W photographs

Dimensions: 10-1/2 x 14-3/4 x 1-3/4 inches

Laurent Baheux' AFRICA series received the Honorable Mention of the Fine Art Photo Awards

About the Author:
Laurent Baheux is a French-born photographer, who hails from Poitiers. Ever since a 2002 visit to Tanzania, he has been photographing Africa’s dwindling wild fauna, portraying their beauty, strength and majesty, while also emphasizing their vulnerability and the fragility of the environments in which they dwell. In addition to the consciousness-raising that is inherent in his photographic work, he accompanies and supports the deeds of organizations such as The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) that work for the protection of nature and the preservation of biodiversity. Baheux is keenly aware that his pictures can help create public awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting wildlife. As well as an undeniable aesthetic appeal, his photography seeks to draw attention to the precarious situation facing Africa’s wildlife. His mission is to inspire those who witness his works not only to marvel, but also to take action.