S2 Paint-It Auto Design Studio Kit

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From Modarri, makers of the ultimate car-building design kits!

Let your artistic imagination run wild as you paint your very own car! This kit includes paint, brushes and 13 mix and match Pro Car parts which include an extra hood and fender for additional styling. Create the car of your dreams, exactly how you want it!

The Modular Building System uses retained screws that won't fall out for quick and easy on-the-go customization. Just loosen the screws with the hex tool provided and swap out parts! With 13 interchangeable parts in every PRO Delux set, you can enjoy countless design possibilities. Real suspension and finger-steering mechanics put you in the driver's seat for the ultimate racing experience!

Kit includes:

2 Paint brushes (detail and broad)
8 different colored paints
Variety of racing stickers
13 Mix and Match Car Parts Included:
– S2 Hood and Fender
– S2 Car Frame (metal top piece with retained screws)
– S2 Car Chassis
– Seat
– 4 Wheels
– 2 Suspensions
– Extra Roadster Hood and Fender for additional styling
Hex Screwdriver with Swivel Tip for easy car assembly

For ages 6 through adult.

The dimensions of the assembled car are 1/32 scale with a length of 4" and a width of 2.5".