Red-Orange Ribbon Necklace

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This ribbon necklace is made up of eight strands of pleated fabric which give them a slight shimmer and ensures their elasticity and durability. The crisp tiny pleats bring each strand to life, giving it movement. The satiny fabric is dual-sided, adding layers of color and shine so that the necklace looks different depending on how you drape it—or what you’re wearing. It hangs beautifully worn long or doubled up.

Each is a wearable piece of art that will light up your look.

These necklaces are made out of fabric remnants, using pleats inspired by Greek sculpture. The result is a fluid piece that catches the light and moves as you wear it—and showcases all of the shades at once.

Materials: Satin polyester blend fabric

Hand wash with cold water.

Keeps it shape. Will not 'kink' or 'wrinkle'.

Necklace measures 40" to 44"; Each strand is 1/8" wide

Hand assembled in Greece.