Recycled Glass Bottle Stopper, Warthog

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Among the mountains that encircle the tiny African Kingdom of Swaziland is one that resembles a basking crocodile. At its summit is the world's most ancient iron ore mine, dating back 43,000 years and at its foot is the remote village - Ngwenya- (Siswati name for "crocodile"). Here a small group of Swazi craftsmen and women - with age old artistry - breathe life into enchanting interpretations of the animals and birds of Africa, imbuing each with its own irresistible personality. Each item handmade from 100% recycled glass!

Not only does this collective support the artisans who create the glassware, but they also donate a  percentage of profits from its worldwide sales to the Ngwenya Rhino & Elephant Fund, a wildlife refuge in the Swaziland lowveld.

An adorable and functional accessory, perfect for wine or other similarly sized bottles. A perfect little gift - it's both super stylish and eco friendly!

Height: 3.5"

Made in Africa.