Portrait of Postman Roulin, Van Gogh Square Lens Cloth

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Custom designed for the Detroit Institute of Arts!

This square microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth was inspired by Vincent van Gogh's Portrait of Postman Roulin, a favorite in the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts. In February 1888 Van Gogh moved to Arles, in the south of France, and continued to paint landscapes and portraits. Between late July 1888 and April 1889, he painted at least six portraits of Joseph-Etienne Roulin (1841-1903), a postman in Arles. Here, the artist concentrated on Roulin's head, which he described in a letter as "a head something like that of Socrates, almost no nose, a high forehead, bald pate, small grey eyes, high-colored full cheeks, a big beard, pepper and salt, big ears."

Suitable for cleaning glasses, sunglasses, lenses, glass and Lucite displays, CD's, DVD's, smartphones and much much more.

Keep in your bag, car or desk so it's there when you need it.

Measures 6" x 6".

Reproduced from the original oil painting, this lens cloth is a nice memento of the painting and your visit to the DIA.