Poppy Field, Monet Rain Cape

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This beautiful Monet Poppy Field Rain Cape is reversible, water repellent and lightweight with a luxurious soft feeling. It has hidden magnets underneath the sleeves to protect the garment from blowing in the wind.

One side of the rain cape has Monet's Poppy Field carefully placed so the lapels and the hood are a perfect match. Claude Monet painted the Poppy Field in 1873 while he lived in Argenteuil with his family. The other side of the cape is a gorgeous solid orange.

Whether you are expecting some rain, or just want a sophisticated look, this rain cape can be used for any occasion. Wearing this cape will buoy you and those around you on the rainiest of days.

The Rain Cape provides complete rain coverage - all the way to the wrist! 23" shoulder to wrist. 30" neckline to back hem, 55" wide. Two shell buttons at the neck adjust to fit.

Material: 100% polyester; Machine wash on gentle cycle; Hang to dry.

Comes with a gorgeous “matching print” 10" x 9" pouch.

This fashion standout can be worn year-round.

One size fits all.