Perpetua Graphite Pencil Series

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The Perpetua Pencil is innovative and ecological. It is different because it is made of 80% recycled graphite. It is non-toxic and clean: no glues or protective coatings were added. It doesn't dirty your hands and it won't break if it falls. It has an orange food-grade rubber eraser which is glue-free, too!  

In HB hardness, Perpetua pencils can be used to write or draw.

Perputua made a better pencil by approaching the design from a recycling point of view! Taking industrial graphite waste from electrode manufacturing, and processing it with a patented technique to reconstitute it into a harder solid material called Zantech, Perpetua’s pencils are 80% recycled, do not contain wood, do not break easily and have nice big erasers which are fused without an adhesive. It’s a cleaner pencil that does not leave graphite dust even in the pencil shavings.

100% recyclable, including the packaging.

Designed by Marta Giardina

Made in Italy

Dimensions: 7.75 inch length x Diameter of 0.25 inches