Peacocks and Peonies II, La Farge Puzzle

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The Peacocks and Peonies II puzzle by American John La Farge is a challenging addition to your own puzzle collection or gift for your favorite puzzle fan. Perfect for an afternoon of family fun or simply to relax after a long day.

John La Farge's stained glass window, Peacocks and Peonies II, reflects the Gilded Age fascination with medieval art and craftsmanship. The peacock’s tail feathers are made of bits of glass in the “broken jewel” technique; each peony blossom is a single piece of glass molded to catch the light differently through the day. For the composition, La Farge borrowed from many cultures: the central panel with the bird-and-flower motif evokes Chinese and Japanese screens; the lower panel emulates Pompeian architecture; and the transom above recalls the tympanum above the door to a Romanesque cathedral. Put these 500 pieces together to reveal a glowing masterpiece.

Published with the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Box size: 8.625" x 10.625" x 1.875"

Completed Size: 18" x 27”

500 pieces