Paint Splashed Face Mask

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Three-dimensional shaped mask constructed with sewn-in darts and a chin gusset, combines two layers of breathable cotton with one additional layer of non-woven interlining, adjustable ear loops and an adjustable nose wire. 

Although Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) is known as the master of drip painting, there were earlier artists who experimented with the process. Notably, painter and sculptor Max Ernst (1891-1976) invented a technique he described as oscillation, which involved swinging a punctured paint can over a horizontal canvas to create arced interwoven trails of pigment. The process of drip painting may seem random, but in fact requires an understanding and control of the viscosity of the paints, and a well-practiced technique to achieve the final composition. Our paint-splashed face mask is in homage to this style.

Guidelines state that reusable masks should be washed after each use. We suggest that you stock your drawer with a few masks so that you have several at the ready.

Shaped mask with darts and gusset.

Interior filter pocket.

Adjustable ear loops with slide toggle fastener.

Machine wash, air dry.


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