Marble Click Clock

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This smart clock is ultra-stylish as well as functional.

A clever home accessory, Click Clock senses when all has gone quiet - perfect for anyone who doesn't like a bright clock in the bedroom. But, when the alarm goes off or if you tap the table, snap your fingers or clap your hands, the display will go on instantly.

Click Clock also tells the date and temperature as well as the time in white LED display on the marble effect block. The numbers seem to float on the lovely marble block, but that's just half the magic of this brick with a conscience. Energy saving LED device includes a 5v power supply AC/DC plug adapter plus an internal battery in case of a power cut.

Multi-function alarm settings allow different settings for the weekend.

Sound activated or permanent display settings

Snooze function

MDF wood with marble effect finish

Measures: 6" x 4"x 1.75"