Maasai Beaded Bracelet Engoto Assorted Colors

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Made in Tanzania, this gorgeous Engoto bracelet is available in three different colorways. Wear one alone, or wear several layered upon your wrist.

A great gift to give to eco-fashionistas - and to yourself of course.

Wear anytime with anything.

Made by Maasai women artisans in a locally owned and managed company that honors the traditional beading techniques of the region and guarantees fair working and trading conditions to the Maasai through environmentally friendly practices, education and empowerment.

The story behind this jewelry: Maasai women from the villages around Kilimanjaro needed a steady source of income to support their families without being separated from their children. An artisan cooperative was created, using designs created by the students at the Instituto di Design in Milan, Italy, ensuring that Maasai materials and production techniques were maintained. Sales from this unique collection have provided these artisans with steady employment. Paid fair wages while working on tribal lands, the Maasai women are gaining independence and access to food, medicine and education. Your purchase of this jewelry directly contributes to creating better lives for the Maasai women, their families and communities. 

Slip on bracelet is slightly stretchy to fit everyone comfortably!

Dimensions: Diameter of 3.75 inches

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