M.C. Escher Bulldog Silk Scarf

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A pattern of interlocking, rhythmically moving bulldogs—adapted from M. C. Escher's Bulldog tessellations—adorns this silk scarf.

M. C. Escher (1898–1972) was a Dutch graphic artist who became world famous through his interest in the unusual, which he brought to life in his prints. The artist was fascinated by repetition as a continuation into infinity. He enthusiastically explored the regular division of the plane in his symmetry drawings. In his other work, we can see his keen observation of the world around him and the expression of his own fantasies. Sometimes he combined his observations of the visible world with the products of his own imagination to create a masterly deception of the human eye. Through his art, M. C. Escher has shown millions of people all over the world that reality is wondrous, comprehensible, and fascinating.

100% silk twill; Dry-clean only.

Measures 12 inches wide by 60 inches long.

A versatile accessory, this scarf works great dressed down or dressed up.