Large Brushed Silver, Polished Labradorite Pendant

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Large polished Labradorite teardrop pendant set in brushed sterling silver.

Named for the place it was discovered (Labrador, Canada) Labradorite is a semi-precious stone with an unusual nature. Depending on the quality of light striking it, it can display a range of colors and reflections. Inuit lore says that Labradorite was created when the northern lights became trapped in the stone. In fact, over a billion years of extreme conditions have created these resilient stones.

Known as the stone of transformation, it is believed to facilitate strength and perseverance through times of transition. When worn, it is said to balance and protect your aura, strengthen your natural intuition and stimulate your imagination.

Hand made in Nova Scotia by ninth generation artisans, each piece is taken from its raw form and crafted to enhance and highlight its natural brilliance.

Size: 2.25"