Julia Reyes Taubman: Detroit

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By Julia Reyes Taubman

Forward by Elmore Leonard

Over the past six years, documentary photographer and architectural historian Julia Reyes Taubman has taken more than 30,000 photographs across the sprawled terrain of Detroit, ambitiously mapping out a comprehensive survey of a major American city. Photographing on the ground, in the buildings and by air and water, Reyes Taubman believes that when buildings and landscape are manipulated by nature and time they become more visually compelling than almost any architectural intervention. As Reyes Taubman scrutinizes this 138-square-mile metropolis in transition, she pays particular attention to the scale and the solidity of the buildings that characterized the former "MotorCity" at the height of its industrial wealth and power.

An essay by native Detroiter and bestselling author Elmore Leonard addresses the social and cultural significance of the post-industrial condition of this metropolis. The volume's spine is specially treated with black ink to evoke the industrial character of its subject.

Hardcover. 480 pages

Dimensions: 11.4 x 9.2 x 2.1 inches.