Intergalactic Putty 4" Tin

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This Intergalactic Thinking Putty® was inspired by man's travel into space. 

Leave Earth's atmosphere and blast off to a new galaxy! Use the heat of your hands to transform your Intergalactic Thinking Putty® from deep space blue, to ultraviolet purple and then to cosmic pink. Stretch and pull your way into Intergalatic space and create infinite galaxies. Vibrant colors change as you play-flecks shine and shimmer like the stars.

As part of the Hypercolor® Collection this color changing Thinking Putty® is heat sensitive, meaning it starts one color and changes to another through heat transfer. The more you play the more the color will change!the more the color will change!

Provides hours of entertainment for both children and adults.

Made from nontoxic silicone and never dries out. Stretch it, bounce it, pop it, tear it, and sculpt it!

Safe for play by children ages 3+ and adults of all ages.

4" diameter tin contains 3.2 oz.

Made in the USA.