Inca Amazonia Earrings

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These lightweight Inca Amazonia post earrings have a pleasing graphic quality along with their hand painted gold and black splashed enamel on a turquoise patina. Can easily be worn with jeans and a T-shirt, business attire, or a cocktail dress. 

Designed by artist Fernanda Sibilia and handmade in Argentina, this jewelry line is created by a team of 15 artisans out of a full production and design studio in Buenos Aires. Fernanda employs novel metalsmithing and jewelry making techniques and like an alchemist in a lab, she manipulates brass to create a rainbow of bold new colors and combinations.

Hand crafted in brass with enamel and handpainted patina, each piece has a protective lacquer to maintain its quality over time.

Care Instructions: Its surface can age with time and normal use. The magic of the artisan methods used to produce it make it unique. Patinas and oxides are meant to be kept dry. Avoid contact with water and perfume. 

Surgical steel posts. 

Drop of 1 5/8".

Half moons measure 1", 1 1/2" and 2".

Handmade in Argentina.