Historic Photos of Detroit

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By Mary j. Wallace

Detroit is an American city quintessentially founded upon change. From its birth to the present, Detroit has consistently built and reshaped its appearance, ideals, and industry. Through changing fortunes, Detroit has continued to grow and prosper by overcoming adversity and maintaining the strong, independent culture of its citizens.

Historic Photos of Detroit captures this journey through still photography selected from the finest archives. From Detroit as pioneer of the motor vehicle to becoming the main hub for World War munitions, Historic Photos of Detroit follows life, government, education, and events throughout the city's history.

This volume captures unique and rare scenes through the lens of hundreds of historic photographs. Published in striking black and white, these images communicate historic events and everyday life of two centuries of people building a unique and prosperous city.
Hardcover, 205 pages 

Dimensions: 7 x 9 x 1 inches