Herman Miller: A Way of Living

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A beautifully presented chronicle of the rich history of this innovative furniture company, from its founding in the early twentieth century to today.

For more than 100 years, Michigan-based Herman Miller has played a central role in the evolution of modern and contemporary design, producing timeless classics while creating a culture that has had a remarkable impact on the development of the design world. Ten chapters and thousands of illustrations tell the Herman Miller story as never before, documenting its defining moments and key leaders – making Herman Miller: A Way of Living an indispensable addition to the bookshelves of design-lovers around the globe.

Edited by Amy Auscherman, Sam Grawe, and Leon Ransmeie

Hardcover, 614 pages, 2000 illustrations

Dimensions 11.5 x 8.5 inches

"A company archive that is rich with material from and about the legendary figures who helped make Herman Miller a leader in postwar American design." — Pilar Viladas, T Magazin