Greetings From Detroit: Historic Postcards from the Motor City

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By Dan Austin

This book presents over 200 historic Postcards from the Motor City from the early 1900s to the 1950s. It offers a glimpse into the past, compiled and presented in full color. From familiar sights to long lost landmarks, this book pairs vintage views with rich stories from the Motor City’s yesteryear.

In the era before cameras became commonplace, postcard shops were everywhere and allowed folks to send snapshots of their travels to friends and family, or to take home as mementos. Many of these old postcards are now sought after collectibles today, offering a rare look back at a time of tremendous growth and change across Detroit during the first half of the twentieth century.

Meticulously researached, each image is accompanied by its context and backstory. It is a history book and a picture book - a window into the history of Detroit.

This beautiful collection would make an excellent conversation piece in the home of any local history aficionado.

Paperback, 136 pages, 233 color images

Dimensions:  7 x 10  x 0.5 inches