Gorey Coloring Book

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Have you ever looked at art and thought it could be improved? Here is your chance.

This coloring book presents twenty-five pen-and-ink drawings of American artist and author Edward Gorey (1925–2000) for you to color. Gorey is beloved for the boundless imagination and sharp humor exhibited in his more than 100 published works.

Included are illustrations from some of his books—such as The Blue Aspic, The Gilded Bat, and The Awdrey-Gore Legacy—as well as individual images that depict mysterious meetings, outdoor soirés, and operatic drama. Immerse yourself in Gorey’s vaguely Victorian world and add color to his brilliant, signature crosshatched drawings.

This unique coloring book has a cardboard binding to protect your art. Each picture is on its own page for easy removal for disply.

The high-quality art pad paper is perfect for colored pencils, pens, and markers.

Perfect for tweens through adults to relax and relieve stress! 

Hard cover is slightly flexible with a special lay-flat binding.

56 pages with 25 images to color.

Dimensions:  11" x 8.5" x 0.25"