Frank Lloyd Wright Coonley Playhouse Floor Cloth

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This Coonley Playhouse floor cloth, inspired by one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most recognizable designs, is both stylish and practical.

In colonial times, people painted pieces of canvas and then lacquered them to create floor cloths. Today, printed vinyl floor cloths are made to add color and style to kitchens, entryways, hallways, covered porches—anyplace where you have a smooth, hard surface.

Floor cloths add warmth to cold floors. These floor cloths are hygienic and very easy to clean —just wipe them off with a damp cloth. The durable vinyl surface is non-slip and protects wood floors while standing up to years of heavy traffic! Floor cloths lay completely flat, so there’s no trip hazard. Please note: If you’re using the floor cloth under a table or chair, be sure to put felt or plastic glides on the legs so that they won’t mar the surface.

The playful design, originally a window, with asymmetrical geometric shapes is suggestive of festive flags, balloons, and confetti. The Coonley Playhouse, designed for children was completed in 1912 in Riverside, IL.

Material: Printed vinyl with a cushioned back

Measures 2' x 4'.

Made in the USA.

Produced under license with the Frank Lloyd Wright® Foundation.