Frank Lloyd Wright: A Collection of Quotations

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Wright's Quotations On Architecture, Nature, and the Human Spirit 

Edited by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) was an American architect, interior designer, writer, and educator.

Get to know Frank Lloyd Wright through this book filled with more than 200 of his quotes, which are grouped into twelve themes including "Architecture", "Humanity", "Nature", "Beauty", "Democracy + The Individual", and many more. Wright's iconic designs are dispersed in full-color throughout the book.

The quotes in Frank Lloyd Wright on Architecture, Nature, and the Human Spirit: A Collection of Quotations have been chosen by Pfeiffer from a wide range of sources, drawing heavily on transcripts of Wright's informal talks delivered to his apprentices on Sunday mornings. The themes to which Wright returned most often serve as the book’s sections: the value of architecture takes precedence, but topics such as government and the getting of wisdom provide memorable and pungent comments.

Hardcover with jacket, 96 pages, Full color illustrations throughout

Dimensions: 4.3 x 6.25 x 0.6 inches

About the Author:
Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer is the author of several collections of Wright’s writings and the Director of the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives.