Flowers in Chinese Paintings: The Picturesque Four Seasons from 10th to 20th Century

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By Chen Jingsha

Flower painting occupies a special place in classical Chinese painting, as flowers have always been a favorable object for literati paintings and they could be presented with both elegance and livelihood.

This book showcases the most charming oriental flower paintings in four chapters following the sequence of the four seasons. Each chapter begins with an introduction of the most popular flower-related activities of that season, the most preferred seasonal flowers, and move on to introduce the reknowned painters and their representative works. The book then presents around 80 exquisite flower paintings, with details, in high definition. Each work is carefully selected as one of the most beautiful and culturally profound paintings in ancient China.

Includes four high-quality prints of selected images from the book.

Hardback in an Elegant Slipcase, 208 pages, 160 illustrations

Dimensions: 10.75 x 14.5 x 1.5 inches