Eve Sculpture Large

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Eve is among the most famous of Rodin's works.  Rodin described the Italian girl who posed for it as, "a panther."  While working on the statue he noticed that the dimensions of his model seemed to grow larger from day to day.  Rodin kept modifying the volumes until she admitted that she was pregnant and would have to stop posing.  Rodin left the work unfinished.  The slight sagging of the pelvis, enlarged by the approach of motherhood, appropriately accentuates the concept of Eve, the mother of humanity.

The statue is composed of a high-density stone with a catalyst.  Centuries old casting techniques still apply.  Artisans apply the patina in a labor intensive process that requires several layers and specialized shading which are all done by hand.

Statue is 17 inches tall with a base of 1 1/2 inches.