Drawing On Walls: A Story of Keith Haring

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By Matthew Burgess

Illustrated by Josh Cochran

Truly devoted to the idea of public art, Keith Haring created murals wherever he went: from the Berlin Wall to the unused black advertising space in New York’s subway where he drew in white chalk. Haring’s iconic pop art and graffiti-like style transformed the New York City underground art scene in the 1980s. A member of the LGBTQ community, Haring died tragically at the age of thirty-one from AIDS-related complications.

This inspiring, celebratory book honors Haring’s life and art, along with his very special connection with kids. “I would love to be a teacher because I love children and I think that not enough people respect children or understand how important they are.” —Keith Haring.

Thoughtfully written by Matthew Burgess and marking the debut picture book of illustrator Josh Cochran- himself a specialist in bright, dense, conceptual drawings- this book is truly a joyful veneration of the transformative power of art.

Ages 6 - 14

Hardcover, 64 pages

Dimensions: 9.8" x 12.6" x 0.8"