Domji Beaded Shell Sculpture Red

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Traditionally crafted as a simple play doll for young Namji girls, the doll took on protective charms once adorned with beads, shells and other decorative trinkets and were kept and nurtured into adulthood. The doll would have a name, be fed, be talked to and be carried strapped to the back everywhere the child would go. The most popular way to carry one's doll is strapped to the back, like real infants are carried.

Artfully hand carved from a single piece of timber in striking geometric style, the sculpture is adorned with bright colored beads, cowrie shells, and wooden bead earrings. It is mounted on a black wooden stand. This sculpture represents a female.

Materials: Wood, Beads, Cowrie Shells

Handmade in Cameroon.

Measures approximately 7 x 7 x 19 inches

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