DIA Red Leather Slim Pocket Wallet

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The DIA red leather slim pocket wallet was custom designed for the Detroit Institute of Arts and is embossed on the front with the DIA medallion logo!

The card wallet smells like a new car because it nearly was. U.S. Veterans and Detroiters created this durable, buttery soft, and easy to care for pocket wallet using automotive Corvette C8 red upholstery grade leather reclaimed from the Detroit auto industry. Comes with a maker tag so you know the name and story of the Detroiter or veteran who made your wallet.

The card wallet features pockets on the front and back of the wallet, as well as a middle pocket that runs through the body of the wallet. The edges are painted and sealed in a non-toxic, water based edge paint which gives a clean appearance that will ensure durability for years to come.

One pocket per side, each pocket holds 3 credit cards. The middle pocket can hold cards, cash, or whatever you can fit in it.

Materials: Upcycled automotive leather

Measures 3" W x 4" T. 

Individually artisan made, by hand, in Detroit.