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Ever wonder what curators might choose from the DIA Shop as a means of sharing their knowledge and love for their particular fields of expertise? Curator's Choice features selections from Dr. Nii Quarcoopome, Curator of African Art/Dept. Head of Africa, Oceania, and Indigenous Americas.

Although the Department oversees a substantial corpus of Native American works, as well as a small but compelling, collection of art from the South Pacific Islands, African art remains its most important hallmark. African art collecting is inextricably tied to the founding of the Detroit Institute of Arts, going back to the 1890s. The collection boasts figurative sculpture, architectural parts, textiles, and adornments from over one hundred African cultures and a handful of works by contemporary African artists.

In these fine handmade fashion accessories, world famous African designer Nike blends the traditional and contemporary. Nike’s designs are inspired by the symbolism of indigenous indigo-dyed Adire fabrics, which today are still used throughout Nigeria. She also uses modern African wax-printed fabrics that are rich with meaning. When you purchase any of Nike’s pieces, you are also helping her philanthropy, which continues to lift hundreds of young homeless and abused women from poverty.

Those with an interest in these areas will want to explore Dr. Nii's suggested items below as well as related gift items here.