Color Squared

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By Lee Meredith

If you’re getting a little bored of just coloring in complex mandalas or working through the latest licensed coloring book then you might want to check out Color Squared. Just know that you’re in for a challenge! The pixelated retro images look cool when they’re finished, but you’re going to have to work for them. This is the perfect new coloring book for adults.

The first ten pages of Color Squared are actually full of instructions to help intrepid artists make the best possible use of the book. There are numerous different techniques you can employ to complete each image – and Meredith Lee walks you through each of them while also providing examples.

Paint-by-number meets the traditional coloring book in this brand new format that showcases pixelated images of cool and quirky nostalgia objects. Doodlers, artists, and puzzlers alike will enjoy this new take on coloring. With a focus on old favorites, pictures of things like cassette tapes, a rotary phone, and roller skates have been pixelated and rendered as numbered grids. To fill them in, users have options to vary the colors, just vary the shading, or even use different shapes or lines. Color Squared can relieve stress or challenge the mind, depending on the approach the reader chooses–but either way, it will keep the head and hands busy, and make for a fun trip down memory lane.

Paperback, 114 pages

Dimensions: 9.75 x 9.75 x 0.5 inches

Perfect for adults to relax and relieve stress!