Charley Harper Brrrrrdbath Brass Ornament

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  • Charley Harper Brrrrrdbath Brass Ornament
  • Charley Harper Brrrrrdbath Brass Ornament
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Beautiful brass BRRRRRDBATH ornament adornment featuring the art of Charley Harper.  “It’s no Jacuzzi, but a dirty bird’s never choosey. And if you provide warm water in your birdbath, you’ll turn it into the neighborhood hot tub. Well, how would you like to go all winter without a bath. Like all aviators, the cardinal must regularly clean and preen his flying machine. But how can he do it without a towel? Maybe freeze dry?”

Perfect as a Christmas tree ornament, a year round decoration in your window, or even to wear as a pendant.

This timeless ornament comes in a gift box, with a gold cord for hanging, and descriptive Charley Harper card.

Dimensions: 3” H x 3” W

Made in the USA.